Operating Experience

To further benefit reliability, the NATF makes select products available to the entire industry. The resources below are available for download.

Safety - 345-138 kV Grounding Incident (NATF Redacted OER-485)

Safety - Bucket Truck Rollover (NATF Redacted OER-448)

Safety - Equipment and Vehicle Incident Safety Bulletin (NATF Redacted OER-463)

Safety - Stored Energy Hazard in Bushing Capacitors (NATF Redacted OER-476)

Safety - Concrete Pole Accident (NATF Redacted OER-468)

Safety - Worker Injured by Fall While Accessing Bucket on Truck (NATF Redacted OER-429)

Safety - Stored Energy from Switch Handle Strikes Employee (NATF Redacted OER-450)

Safety - Electrical Contact Incident During Underground Cable Replacement (NATF Redacted OER-425)

Safety - Failure of 138 kV Vee Switch Insulator (NATF Redacted OER-420)

Safety - Cutting DC Cable While Energized (NATF Redacted OER-421)

Safety - Climbing Pole Method Causes Injury (NATF Redacted OER-405)

Safety - Lowering Material Injury (NATF Redacted OER-404)

Safety - Caisson Drop Accident (NATF Redacted OER-401)

Safety - Transmission Tower Climber (NATF Redacted OER-264)

Safety - Improper Installation of Safety Grounds (NATF Redacted OER-216)

Safety - Bee Attack on Line Crew (NATF Redacted OER-251)

Safety - Transformer Electrical Shock Incident (NATF Redacted OER-303)

Safety - Air Blast Breaker Muffler Injury (NATF Redacted OER-318)

Safety - Moisture Testing of SF6 Gas (NATF Redacted OER-365)

Safety - Employee Falls and Sustains Injury (NATF Redacted OER-308)

Safety - Pole Splicing Rigging Plates (NATF Redacted OER-272)

Human Performance - HP Leads to Accidential Tripping of Breaker (NATF Redacted OER-292)

Safety - Employee Receives Electrical Shock at Remote Site (NATF Redacted OER-309)

Safety - Operating Experience, Human and Organizational Performance (NATF Redacted OER-298)

Safety and HP - Electrician Falls From Truck (NATF Redacted OER-370)

Safety - Engulfment Risk (NATF Redacted OER-371)

Safety, HP, and Training - Substation Incident Involving Hot Stick Equipment (NATF Redacted OER-363)

Safety - Heat Illness (NATF Redacted OER-304)

Safety - Disposable Portable Propane Tank Storage (NATF Redacted OER-366)