Q: Are there separate costs to participate in various NATF activities?

There are no separate costs or fees to participate in various NATF activities. Members’ dues allow them to participate in whichever activities they choose; however, any travel costs associated with activities will be the responsibility of the member company.

Q: What am I obligated to do as a member?

The resource commitment is strictly a function of each member’s level of engagement. However, NATF programs are designed to be efficient. And it is fully expected that value returned is several fold compared to any resources invested.

Q: What’s the expected resource commitment as a member?

Membership is voluntary, and members are allowed to select the activities they believe most valuable. To extract the greatest value possible, however, members are encouraged to be actively engaged.

Q: Will any of my information be shared with the regulator?

Member information is confidential and is not shared with regulators. Periodically, high-level, generic information is shared externally as approved by the Board of Directors. Such information is used to convey a general sense of NATF focus and activities to help reduce redundant activities by other organizations.